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英语作文-考研 NOTICE2014-12-01
三年纪的英语老师张利从今天起请病假1周,通知1,2 班的同学 。一班周一3,4节的英语课调到周3的5,6节;2班周二1,2节的英语课到周4的5,6节。
英语作文-考研 请对吸烟谈谈你的看法2014-12-01
The risk of developing lung cancer due to tobacco smoke is 1 in 1,000 for nonsmokers and 2 in 1,000 for nonsmoking spouses of smokers. However, the risk for smokers is 70 in every 1,000.
英语作文-考研 Opportunity and Success2014-11-30
Opportunities dont come often. They come every once in a while. Very often, they come quietly and go by without being noticed.
英语作文-考研 现在许多人愿意乘飞机旅行2014-11-30
Many people prefer to travel by air. This is because air travel has some advantages. In the first place, airplane, the miracle created by man, is the fastest means of transport. It takes the least time for one to travel by air from one place to another. Secondly, traveling by air is convenient and comfortable.
英语作文-考研 机不可失,时不再来2014-11-29
Directions : In this part, you are to write an essay on Opportunity and Success . You should write about 200 words within 40 minutes on ANSWER SHEET2. Your essay should be based on the following outline:
英语作文-考研 私家车问题的争论并提出我的看法2014-11-29
Directions: Some people believe that private cars should be encouraged in China. Others argue that private cars should be discouraged in China. There has been a controversy recently on the issue in a newspaper in China. Write a letter to the newspaper’s editor to
英语作文-考研 What Is Success?2014-11-28
Directions: In this part, you are to write an essay of about 200 words within 40 minutes. Your composition must be based on the information given in the outline below.
英语作文-考研 财富带来幸福2014-11-28
Wealth has always been what some people long for. It is true that most of them try to acquire wealth by means of honest labour. Their efforts contribute to the welfare of the society and at the same time to the accumulation of their wealth, and hence to their happiness.
英语作文-考研 Importance of Confidence2014-11-27
Whatever one does, one should do it with confidence. If one has no confidence, there is little possibility that one can achieve anything when faced with hardships.
英语作文-考研 On University Tuition System in China2014-11-27
Directions: It is reported that many universities in China have begun to charge students for tuition. Should university students in China pay their own tuition ? State two opposite opinions and illustrate them in detail. Write an essay of about 200 words within 40 minutes.
英语作文-考研 Are Prizes a Good Thing?2014-11-26
Directions: In this part, you are to write an essay of about 200 words within 40 minutes. Your essay should be based on the OUTLINE below.
英语作文-考研 On Developing Tourism2014-11-26
Tourism, a smokeless industry, is developing rapidly in China. With the reform and opening –up policy being carried out, thousands upon thousands of foreign visitors are crowding into our country. They are eager to see this old mysterious land with a splendid culture of more than 5, 000 years.
英语作文-考研 水污染方面作文2014-11-25
Water pollution is a serious problem threatening the survival of human beings, plants and animals. It is urgent that some strong measures be adopted to deal with the problem.
英语作文-考研 2005年研究生入学考试英语作文范文2014-11-25
First of all, the salary has proven to be much lower than you originally promised, and I have a large family to support. In addition, the office is located in the downtown area, yet I live in the suburbs, so it is exhausting for me to spend over three hours commuting every day.
rite an essay of 160-200 words based on the following drawing .In your essay, you should1) describe the drawing briefly. 2) interpret its intended meaning ,and

3) give your comments.
Although the pace of modern life is quickening and the competition is becoming fiercer. No matter how busy we are, we young people should also spare some time to accompany our old parents, help them escape from loneliness and listen to their inner voice.
I am writing to express my views concerning the way to improve student’s physical condition. I understand that you pay much attention to it for a long period of time.
2014考研英语一大小作文分析:百态万象 不变其宗2014-11-23
As a graduating student who has learned a lot under the guidance of world-renowned professors in this university, I find most students are not as fit or as healthy as their predecessors. Therefore, I venture to put forward some suggestions on how to improve students’ physical condition.
Accordingly, it is advisable for governments / authorities to focus more eyesight on the problems caused by population expansion in cities. Meanwhile, it is essential for them to work out comprehensive strategies to shorten the gap between urban and rural areas.
I am looking forward to seeing you. By the way, can you give me some advice about living there ?
I am a student of China, and I am writing this letter for the purpose of telling you that I am going to study abroad in your country and we will share one apartment during my time in your country.
I will study in your university and share an apartment with you. So I am writing to tell you my living habits and consult your suggestions of living there.
In conclusion, based on the above analysis, the urban population will be growing, while the rural population will continue to drop in the future.
I am writing this letter to excitedly tell you that I am going to study in your university this September and I would like to express my great pleasure and honor to be your classmate and roommate. I have to say I have started to expect the open day’s coming.
主谓一致:The number of sth is decreasing.

A great number of sth are… 时态语态: 描述图画用进行时: doing As is shown in the picture, there is sb doing sth, suggesting sth/with sb doing sth.
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